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The Jailhouse Lawyers Confession by Mark Anthony Given

We who live in prison, and in whose lives there is no event but sorrow, have to measure time by throbs of pain, and the record of bitter moments. -Oscar Wilde
   MOHAWK UNIT at the federal correctional facility at Marianna, Florida, a mid-level security prison, was one of five such two-hundred and fifty men in two to a cell, all cinderblock, and miles of institution earth tones paint Units. 
CONTROLLED MOVEMENT every couple of hours men begin to congregate at the entrance way. I'm standing down there with them and a well-dressed extremely good looking black man built like rock hard boxer and always real quite. After a few weeks or months of federal prison standing around waiting or in line at the chow hall, you'd be surprised at the number of real criminals you bump into. As soon as I hear the gist of a guys case, my mind immediately begins to calculate how many Banker Boxes of trial transcripts I'm going to have to wade thru and then how many trees were cut down to fill them boxes... Is that odd? 
"You know about the Law 'right?" He asks me.
I'm leaning against the wall trying to be a fly on the wall and I always carry around a photocopy of a United States Supreme Court case on out of the law books and everytime I found myself waiting in yet another line or bull pin or rec yard or Emergency Drill, I's reach in my back pocket and whip out "Franks v. Deleware, or Mapp v. Ohio, Miranda v Arizona. etc.  Some five pages some fifty, I'd carry them for weeks, and read them over and over until when I get in front of a judge, I'm going to explain to him the element of the offense or a pending conflict in the Circuit ripe for #SCOTUS  consideration... 

"Yeah, I know a little about it..."
"Listen, I just got one quick question for you, and this has been bothering me since the beginning.  I copped out and got thirty years with an Organizer Leader enhancement....  
What I want to know is who the hell did I conspire with?  
The four or five guys standing on the corner with me when we got ambushed by the cops?  I ain't know none of the guys!  They didn't know me. I keep moving, and I had just rolled up there not even a few hours..."
How the hell can I conspire with someone I don't even know?"
All these people on my Indictment?  
I didn't know most of them!!"

To be continued.

The Jailhouse Lawyers Confession by Mark Anthony Given
 COPYRIGHT 2017 by Mark Anthony Given
All Rights Reserved 28 USC 1746  Public Law: Pub. L. 94-553 (Oct. 19, 1976)
U.S. Statutes at Large: 90 Stat. 2541
11:44 AM 10/3/2017

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