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Russian Prison Documentary 2017 - One of The Worlds WORST Jails!

Scared Money by Mark Anthony Given

Behind every great fortune lies a great crime. -Honore de Balza
            Behind every great fortune lies a great crime. -Honore de Balza

HOW MANY BANKS did I have to rob with my trusty Bic Pen at ten grand a pop before I stopped being scared? Seventy-Five banks in a dozen jurisdiction estimated two and a half million dollars in less than two years... For sentencing purposes, the federal courts count the total of the checks I deposited, not the amount I withdrew...  I didn't matter to me.  When I got to federal prison and began researching my Restitution issue I discovered that the punishment for federal bank fraud changed from five (5) years to Twenty (20)!!! Within months of my last offense and arrest...  Did I tell you I was born with a Star on my Ass?

THE VERY FEW times I robbed a bank with a pretty face and a smile, that I wasn't scared was when I brought my best friend with me and I showed him how to do it for fifty per…


The Land of Milk and Honey is now the Land of Money. -Bob Dylan
BOLO:  Be On The Look Out
            LAST SEEN heading South possibly in a blacked out jacked up 2017 Ford F-250 after passing out hundred dollar bills like penny candy at local homeless shelters and community centers.  Suspect FLOWER'S is wanted for causing a sixteen-mile traffic standstill after lifting the lid on one of the giant two blue igloo coolers and letting brand new hundred dollar bills blow out for a file mile streak along Interstate 90.  Portions of the interstate were closed for three days removing abandoned vehicles.  Authorities haven't identified a particular statute to charge SUSPECT FLOWER'S with but he's believed to in a "lot of trouble."
See The Fugitive Flower by Mark Anthony Given

Famous and Contagious by Mark Anthony Given

Celebrity is one who is known to many persons he is glad he doesn't know. -H. L. Mencke ______________
I WROTE a story about a Real Life Heist and turned it into a screenplay which became a major motion picture which became a box office smash which sold millions of books which made me famous and contagious;  I should have never placed my picture on the fly leaf... FIRST THING that went wrong was my personal assistant hired through a big head-hunter firm in New York turned out to be addicted to drugs and swiped a bunch of my personal effects I had had since was a kid, not to mention opening up several debit cards in my name and robbing me blind.  I got all the money back and she's sitting in the Los Angeles County jail right now, where I hope she stays. Then I reluctantly let a family member live in the guest/pool house and they got drunk the first night there and took out a whole row of my neighbors' fancy cars in the canyons:  six to be exact. MY AGENT DIED and his wife absco…

Trouble Man (1995 The Master Version)

I come up hard baby, but now I'm cool
I didn't make it sugar, playin' by the rules
I come up hard baby, but now I'm fine
I'm checkin' trouble sugar, movin' down the line
I come up hard baby, but that's okay
'Cause trouble man, don't get in my way
I come up hard baby, I've been for real
Gonna keep movin', gonna go to town
I come up hard baby, I'm gettin' down
There's only three things that for sure
Taxes, death and trouble
This I know baby, this I know sugar
Girl Ain't gon let it sweat me babe Got me singin', yeah, yeah, ooh
Come up hard, baby, I had to fight
Took care my business with all my might
I come up hard, come up hard, I had to win
Then start all over and win again
I come up hard but that's okay
'Cause trouble man don't get in my way, hey, hey I know…