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Him Baby by Mark Anthony Given

Oh listen you men, I don't mean no harm If you wanna do good, you better stay off old Parchman Farm We got to work in the mornin', just at dawn of day Just at the settin' of the sun, that's when the work is done Bukka White, "Parchman Farm Blues" ________________________________________________
"Parchman's Farm," the Mississippi State Prison at the foot of the Mississippi Delta and the "Home of the Blues," just down the road, maintains the inner recess of every Southern Man's mind when in a fit of anger reaches for that rifle to settle his disputes.  It has Inspired hit songs, housed white protesters and "Freedom Riders," in the sixties. Cinema death row scenes and still had "Tunk Houses," when I was at Camp Eight the final months before my release in the early 1980's for a drug store burglary I have written about several times here on Real Life Heist, i.e., "The …