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The Rat Free Meal by Mark Anthony Given

The axe forgets but the tree remembers. -African proverb ___________________________________________

      BACK WHEN I was kicking down hundred dollar bills like cigarette butts (See Another Hot Grand hereto), I used to frequent the finest restaurants in the New Orleans French Quarter, Galatoir's, Brennan's, K-Paul's Kitchen, Commander's Palace, and many places you never heard of. This is the mid eighties during my One Man Crime Wave Split Deposit scam, resulting in me spending the next twelve years doing a five year sentence with the federal Bureau of Prisons and their fuzzy math... AFTER A HOT DAY in the office in the front seat of a luxury rental car with air conditioning blasting and having defrauded a half a dozen banks out of ten thousand dollars in brand new Benjamin's before my afternoon siesta.  Ten grand would last me maybe a couple weeks to buy hotel rooms and whores and feeding a hundred dollars a day smack ha…