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Joe The Boss Fama by Mark Anthony Given

The martyr cannot be dishonored. Every lash inflicted is a tongue of fame;  Every prison a more illustrious abode.  -Ralph Waldo Emerson __________________________________________               YOU GOTTA LOVE a guy who's doing life without the possibility of parole, a couple of his kids rolled on him to save themselves, knew he was never getting out of prison again, Joe would just smile and say, "Forget about it..."   I was the clerk, and we all got out at the same time, I'd wait along the wall for him to catch up to us all going back to our Units at the end of the day, and we'd walk back together.  Kinda short with a big belly and the heaviest Brooklyn accent you ever heard and he liked to look you right in the eyes when he talked to you...  You could tell he was a very, very serious man....  I don't know what he saw in me but just loved the guy.  He was what he was.  He didn't pretend to be anybody but the "Joe 'The Boss" right out of Centra…

Did I Ever Tell You by Mark Anthony Given

Anger cannot be dishonest. -Marcus Aurelius

__________________    DID I EVER TELL YOU I attacked five grown black men while in prison with my bare hands at the same time? I try and tell people soon after I meet them, I'm the nicest guy you ever want to meet and I always try and nearly always do the right thing, but don't piss me off. I got in an argument last summer with a few of my neighbors about a water hose; two of them have since moved and the third left immediately leaving all their property, and never came back. I got a bad temper.
            I BEGGED THESE idiots to stop slamming Domino's and cards on these stainless steel tables bolted to concrete bare floors, cinder block walls was like an echo chamber. I was sitting in the Mobile Metro Jail waiting for the feds to come get me for a parole violation for a dirty UA for smoking pot. It takes about 60-90 days of the longest days of your life surrounded by barely literate criminals and mentally disturbed people. And id…

Black's Dictionary Machette


Laws control the lesser man, right conduct controls the greater. -Mark Twain

      I READ THIRTY YEARS of United States Supreme Court decisions in fourteen months in the custody of the Federal Correctional Facility at Seagoville, Texas on a parole violation.  They put me in charge of six other inmates right off the bus after I showed a copy of my diploma to the director of education, purporting to show I just graduated from a fly by night community college on the Gulf Coast, Phillips Junior College, whose dozens of campuses folded shortly after I graduated.  Took me three years to get a two year degree holding down a full time job and going to school three nights a week to receive my Legal Administrative Assistant, Associate of Applied Science Degree.   I made dozens of copies of it on the school copier and threw them out the window on the ride to a friends house where a bunch of people used to sit around after work getting wasted and…