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I (Did) Get Away With It by Mark Anthony Given

Busting Scripts by Mark Anthony Given

Just wrote that this morning.  It ain't brag'n if you can do it....

Son, I have done them all, and Dilaudid's the best. -Elvis Presley _____________________

             I HAD THIS FANTASY of walking into a small town pharmacy, calling the pharmacist over while bending over the counter and wrote:  Dilaudid 4 mg., Disp. L (50) Sig:  1 Q 4-6 H PRN Pain, scribble a signature and circle Five Refills, but I usually sat out in the parking lot and wrote them beforehand.  I would usually put an expensive antibiotic with them.  The guy who got me started busting scripts wore a black eye patch over his left eye where a failed drunken suicide attempt left the whole area scarred up.  He would pull that pirate patch off and replace it with a two-inch gauze pad and medical tape so you could see all you needed to see and they would throw pain pills at him.  Ninety percent of the time as long as it's written correctly and there ar…