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My True Crime by Mark Anthony Given

_____________________________________________________ No crime is so great as daring to excel.  -Winston Churchill _____________________________________________________
          WHAT IF both your parents were drunks and they faught all the time and you bounced in and out of foster homes and juvenile detention and sleeping in a Goodwill Box at night, I swipe a hoagie out of Wegman's in broad daylight.  Does that make me a criminal?  Or does it make me a sociopath because I don't feel bad about it?  How about a thirty page true crime FBI Rap Sheet with one page nearly all alias?  Does that make me a bad guy?  Do you know where you were forty-three years ago on September 3, 1973 at exactly 9:48 at night?  I do. 
          MY ONE MAN CRIME WAVE stands as testament, like "Here lies,' or "Kilroy was here!" and a major fuck you too a world where whats wrong for you is right for me.  I remember lying in yet another Salvation Army drop box I had …