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Me and My Monkey by Mark Anthony Given

I don't do drugs. I am drugs.  -Salvador Dali Destroy what destroys you.
PEOPLE WHO OD are idiots.  I think it's the Earth's way of cleansing waste product.  If you don't know what you're doing, you shouldn't be fucking with it.  I shot dope probably a hundred times when I was young and stupid and 'life's value was unseen and under-appreciated.  I remember being in some dope den in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans back in the Eighties, busting out alcohol pads and a 'Party Pack of U-100 Ultra Fine's and the couple idiots I was with, one of whom claimed the house belonged to his aunt 'and left vacant after she died.   Oyster Shell ground up and used for asphalt streets, overgrown and vacant lots next to fenced-in pink stucco shotgun homes, with expensive cars penned up in the front yard.  This was way before Katrina and looks completely civilized now.  Back then, only bad things happened back there.         THEY LOOKED at me like I was from a…

Him Baby by Mark Anthony Given

Oh listen you men, I don't mean no harm If you wanna do good, you better stay off old Parchman Farm We got to work in the mornin', just at dawn of day Just at the settin' of the sun, that's when the work is done Bukka White, "Parchman Farm Blues" ________________________________________________
"Parchman's Farm," the Mississippi State Prison at the foot of the Mississippi Delta and the "Home of the Blues," just down the road, maintains the inner recess of every Southern Man's mind when in a fit of anger reaches for that rifle to settle his disputes.  It has Inspired hit songs, housed white protesters and "Freedom Riders," in the sixties. Cinema death row scenes and still had "Tunk Houses," when I was at Camp Eight the final months before my release in the early 1980's for a drug store burglary I have written about several times here on Real Life Heist, i.e., "The …

The Rat Free Meal by Mark Anthony Given

The ax forgets but the tree remembers. -African proverb __________________________________________
             BACK WHEN I was kicking down hundred dollar bills like cigarette butts (See Another Hot Grand hereto), I used to frequent the finest restaurants in the New Orleans French Quarter, Galatoir's, Brennan's, K-Paul's Kitchen, Commander's Palace, and many places you never heard of. This is the mid-eighties during my One Man Crime Wave Split Deposit scam, resulting in me spending the next twelve years doing a five-year sentence with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and their fuzzy math... AFTER A HOT DAY in the office in the front seat of a luxury rental car with the air conditioning blasting and having defrauded a half a dozen banks out of ten thousand dollars in brand new Benjamin's before my afternoon siesta.  Ten grand would last me maybe a couple weeks to buy hotel rooms and whores and feed a hundred dollars a day smack habit, and just generally run of the mill…

Joe The Boss Fama by Mark Anthony Given

The martyr cannot be dishonored. Every lash inflicted is a tongue of fame;  Every prison a more illustrious abode.  -Ralph Waldo Emerson __________________________________________               YOU GOTTA LOVE a guy who's doing life without the possibility of parole, a couple of his kids rolled on him to save themselves, knew he was never getting out of prison again, Joe would just smile and say, "Forget about it..."   I was the clerk, and we all got out at the same time, I'd wait along the wall for him to catch up to us all going back to our Units at the end of the day, and we'd walk back together.  Kinda short with a big belly and the heaviest Brooklyn accent you ever heard and he liked to look you right in the eyes when he talked to you...  You could tell he was a very, very serious man....  I don't know what he saw in me but just loved the guy.  He was what he was.  He didn't pretend to be anybody but the "Joe 'The Boss" right out of Centra…

Did I Ever Tell You by Mark Anthony Given

Anger cannot be dishonest. -Marcus Aurelius

__________________    DID I EVER TELL YOU I attacked five grown black men while in prison with my bare hands at the same time? I try and tell people soon after I meet them, I'm the nicest guy you ever want to meet and I always try and nearly always do the right thing, but don't piss me off. I got in an argument last summer with a few of my neighbors about a water hose; two of them have since moved and the third left immediately leaving all their property, and never came back. I got a bad temper.
            I BEGGED THESE idiots to stop slamming Domino's and cards on these stainless steel tables bolted to concrete bare floors, cinder block walls was like an echo chamber. I was sitting in the Mobile Metro Jail waiting for the feds to come get me for a parole violation for a dirty UA for smoking pot. It takes about 60-90 days of the longest days of your life surrounded by barely literate criminals and mentally disturbed people. And id…

Black's Dictionary Machette


Laws control the lesser man, right conduct controls the greater. -Mark Twain

      I READ THIRTY YEARS of United States Supreme Court decisions in fourteen months in the custody of the Federal Correctional Facility at Seagoville, Texas on a parole violation.  They put me in charge of six other inmates right off the bus after I showed a copy of my diploma to the director of education, purporting to show I just graduated from a fly by night community college on the Gulf Coast, Phillips Junior College, whose dozens of campuses folded shortly after I graduated.  Took me three years to get a two year degree holding down a full time job and going to school three nights a week to receive my Legal Administrative Assistant, Associate of Applied Science Degree.   I made dozens of copies of it on the school copier and threw them out the window on the ride to a friends house where a bunch of people used to sit around after work getting wasted and…

I (Did) Get Away With It by Mark Anthony Given

Busting Scripts by Mark Anthony Given

Just wrote that this morning.  It ain't brag'n if you can do it....

Son, I have done them all, and Dilaudid's the best. -Elvis Presley _____________________

             I HAD THIS FANTASY of walking into a small town pharmacy, calling the pharmacist over while bending over the counter and wrote:  Dilaudid 4 mg., Disp. L (50) Sig:  1 Q 4-6 H PRN Pain, scribble a signature and circle Five Refills, but I usually sat out in the parking lot and wrote them beforehand.  I would usually put an expensive antibiotic with them.  The guy who got me started busting scripts wore a black eye patch over his left eye where a failed drunken suicide attempt left the whole area scarred up.  He would pull that pirate patch off and replace it with a two-inch gauze pad and medical tape so you could see all you needed to see and they would throw pain pills at him.  Ninety percent of the time as long as it's written correctly and there ar…

My True Crime by Mark Anthony Given

No crime is so great as daring to excel.  -Winston Churchill _____________________________________________________
          WHAT IF both your parents were drunks and they fought all the time and you bounced in and out of foster homes and juvenile detention and sleeping in a Goodwill Box at night, I swipe a hoagie out of Wegman's in broad daylight.  Does that make me a criminal?  Or does it make me a sociopath because I don't feel bad about it?  How about a thirty-page true crime FBI Rap Sheet with one page nearly all alias?  Does that make me a bad guy?  Do you know where you were forty-three years ago on September 3, 1973, at exactly 9:48 at night?  I do. 

          MY ONE MAN CRIME WAVE stands as a testament, like 
"Here lies,' or "Kilroy was here!" and a major fuck you to a world where whats wrong for you is right for me.  I remember lying in yet another Salvation Army drop box I had to walk across town to get in and it was eleven thirty at night and drizzlin…