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The Wronged Man by Mark Anthony Given


         A man is a god in ruins.  When men are innocent, life shall pass into the immortal,                    as gently as we awake from dreams. #RALPWALDOEMERSON _____________________________________________________________

              I MIGHT have done ten years in prison in one joint after another, from one end of this country to the other and in all that time, I met exactly one innocent man.  He was a Mohawk Indian in upstate New York's Monroe County Jail in Rochester, and he was charged with the murder of a man in a bar room full of people and fifteen or twenty eye witness's, but he didn't do it.   There's a maxim in Law that says bad cases make good law, but I got to tell you up front;  this is the damnedest case you ever heard of, and it's all true....
             THE EMPIRE STATE will lock your ass up with grown men when you're sixteen years old.  I was sitting in the said MCJ after being unc…