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THE DOPE FEIGNS DREAM by Mark Anthony Given

___________________________________________ TO HOLD A PEN is to be at war. #VOLTAIRE ___________________________________________

               THE DOPE FEIDNS DREAM was sitting on a motel bed along the interstate forty-five minutes from ground zero or the New Orleans French Quarter in a faded Superman pillow case off my girlfriend's bed in Gentilly.  Now it was slap full of Schedule II Narcotics I liberated from Tony's Discount Drugs I successfully burglarized and described in "The Real Drugstore Cowboy," down at the bottom of this blog.  And now every dope feigns dream was at hand.  Dollar signs were shooting off like sparks in the corner of my eye's and everything motion I made dumping them out on the big double room bed, the room started to spin an elation from the center of my being in every direction I couldn't stop smiling I was about to piss my pants or take a good dump I needed to get in the shower immediately I was soaked from humidity at seven o'…