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The New York State Gladiator School by Mark Anthony Given

When the door swings you swing......
____________________              THE NEW YORK STATE Gladiator School for young criminals and miscreants was located and an hour north of New York City, or "Up the River," i.e., the Hudson River in mountainous upstate New York in the Town of Coxsackie.  After getting busted burglarizing new car dealerships in Rochester, Monroe County, see Getting Busted by Mark Anthony Given here on my blog.  It was the third of September, "That day I'll always remember..." a lyric of a popular song at the time too.  1973 according to my FBI Rapsheet here on this blog too, I was sixteen and sentenced to four years per a plea agreement.  As soon as I got arrested, I started reading law books immediately and because they tried to clear their books on me.  Hang me for unsolved burglaries, etc., and just to know the rules of the road, and I saw that the State of New York only had Forty-five days to Indict by Grand Jury in felony matters or relea…

Tales From the Big House by Mark Anthony Given

One of the many lessons that one learns in prison is, that things are what they are and will be what they will be.— Oscar Wilde

           I HAD A GUY come see me about a very unusual problem.  Actually, it happened more than once:  They had cooperated with the government in the prosecution of others and now wanted to compel the government to reduce their sentence, as promised.... I can't tell you the number of times I been approached on how to do that.   This guy, however, was the star witness in an active prosecution in the next state over involving thirty people, many were his family members.  He showed me newspaper clippings about it.  He wanted me to contact another prisoner in a maximum security prison using my Institution Mail Department Head or "Inner Office," to the Law Library there..... he offered me an arm and a leg and I refused.            This is in Texas right?  One day a young Mexican American came to me and told me that a very importa…

Never Been Done by Mark Anthony Given

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. 
Fail again. Fail better. -Samuel Beckett _____________________________________

               I READ One-hundred and twenty volumes of United States Supreme Court decisions while in federal prison because I thought it was the most efficient use of my time.  I was back on a parole violation for smoking pot and knew I had exactly fourteen months.  Got the job a Head Inmate Law Clerk right off the bus, put people in charge of everything and read this death penalty case where the lawyer was placed on the stand against a charge of Ineffective Assistance of Counsel.  He said under oath he had only read two (2) Supreme court cases while in law school.  I thought to my self:  If I read ten cases does that me make more knowledgeable of the law than a real lawyer?  You're damn right it does!
               I'LL BET YOU there are lawyers who have read ten (10) SCOTUS decisions but, how many have re…

The Rose Petal Thief by Mark Anthony Given

The rose grows among thorns. -The Talmud  ________________________________________________ The last temptation of a career criminal...
            SOMETIMES IN LAW a matter comes before the court that is truly personal or confidential, usually involving children, etc., and any party may motion for a Sub Rosa Hearing.  Sub rosa hearing comes from the Roman Curia and in Latin means, "Beneath the Rose," and all participants in the hearing agree to stipulated facts that anything said at the hearing, i.e., "Beneath the Rose," could never leave this room.  Anything said in this room can never be discussed outside the room, for any reason, period.  #MARKANTHONYGIVEN #REALLIFEHEIST #THEROSEPETALTHIEF #WRITER #STORY #NEWS #BREAKINGNEWS New Story Coming Soon by #MARKANTHONYGIVEN  _________________
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