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The Fugitive Flower by Mark Anthony Given

If you can't be a great artist, a great soldier, be the next best thing, be a great criminal. 
-F.Scott Fitzgerald


WHEN I WAS the Head Law Clerk at the federal correctional facility at FCI Seagoville dozens, hundreds of men came to me with problems big and small.  A United States Supreme Court decision back in the sixties requires jails and prisons to provide "Access to the courts," with either legal material or legal advice, i.e., paralegals.  The United States Bureau of Prisons being the Gold Standard of incarcerating people provides both.  I had a Legal Administrative Assistant, Associate of Applied Sciences two-year degree I obtained while out on parole working a full-time job and four nights a week for three years.  I was back on a parole violation for smoking pot and would be back out the door in twelve to sixteen months.  I just happen to have a photocopy of it when I went straight to the Administration building just as their previous head…