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O D City by Mark Anthony Given

Keep your servant also from willful sins; may they not rule over me. #PSALM19
       HEROIN EPIDEMIC NATIONWIDE and around the world, their dropping like flies.  OD City #ODCITY from town to town and all across the plains from brown to white fueled by a twenty billion dollar a year hydrocodone business.  Lock up your sons and daughters in the little world they grew up in where they got a trophy for everything they did and told how special they are.  They get out on their own and see there are no free trophies just for being you.  And oh by the way?  There's nothing special about you whatsoever. 

       I USED TO COP from a guy across the street who went across New Orleans to Washington and North Claiborne Avenue where an old man on the raggediest old bicycle you ever saw hanging around the Burger King.  He would park across the street until the old guy seen him and make his way across his…

Me and My Monster by Mark Anthony Given

                     Things that cause people to sin are bound to come, but woe to that person 
through whom they come. -JESUS 

THE ASSUMPTION PARISH PRISON in little Napoleonville,  Louisiana along Highway One ran alongside the Mississippi river separating the United States of America with Coon Ass Country.  And when you look at one you honestly cannot tell who, or what he is.  "Who Dat?"  "Where ya at?" You're standing right in front of them. The absolute worst bastardization of the English language since Ebonics.  Kinda looked Arab and Mexican and part Puerto Rican with some French Canadian, a dash of Negro and Indian for good measure and you got your modern day Coon Ass. 
           BUT MY MONSTER was as black as midnight standing right in front of you in the pouring rain and only see him during a lighting strike black.  Looked like a young Sonny Liston, just a menacing presence.  Small frame and polite look on his face with a sli…

Joey Tomatos by Mark Anthony Given

A person who seeks help for a friend, while needy himself, will be answered first. -The Talmud ____________________________________
  I HAD THIS celli when I was in federal prison that looked like a bonified nineteen sixties pop star who could have been Frankie Vallie's stand-in, doing five years for trafficking a couple hundred kilos out of South Florida.  Owned a famous restaurant and was opening two more while we were in a cement air-conditioned cell in north Florida. He was tripping on Marianne Williamson's "A Course in Miracle's," new age religion and exercised all day.  His job was to clean three water fountains on the second floor of Mohawk Unit.  Mine was to keep two showers clean.  Took all of twenty minutes a day and hit the yard.  We both paid a less fortunate non-English speaking individual ten or fifteen bucks a month to do it.  We called him "Joey Tomato's," because most people had someone they knew in the Kitchen to bring you whatever yo…

The Mercury Bandit by Mark Anthony Given

Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible. -Frank Gaines ______________________________________
  WHEN I HAD a couple hundred dollar a day habit in New Orleans back in the eighties there used to be this place in Gentilly called the "Ice House", that sold ice and cashed checks in a tiny neighborhood bar in the back. Right in the front on busy Chef Menteur Highway, across from the New Orleans Baptist Seminary, you would step up to a giant two inches thick bulletproof glass and if everything was in order, he would point to a lipstick camera and tell you to look right into the camera with your ID under your chin, like a mug shot. That was their deterrent, the camera. In fact, as you stood there waiting for them to do whatever they did to verify the check, It was always right after five in the afternoon. You could see people's photographs standing right where you were standing and it was a perfect face shot, and could even see …