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The One Man Crime Wave by Mark Anthony Given

TO HAVE ONCE been a criminal is no disgrace. To remain a criminal is the disgrace. ―Malcolm X 


          I JUST ROBBED the Hancock Bank & Trust in downtown Gulfport, Mississippi with my trusty twenty-cent Bic Pen and blank checks I found on doorsteps out of Another Hot Grand (link below). And was driving down beautiful Highway 90 in West Biloxi Beach with patches of condos and now casinos and plenty of places to pull over and enjoy the sea breeze and smell of seafood.  They had almost completed the I-110 interchange linking Interstate 10 with the Gulf of Mexico.  Right where the cars are discharged onto Highway 90, is the original/first high-rise ten or twelve stories upscale apartment building.  The owner lived on the top, and I was told he won the building in a poker game.  It was said to have been built to withstand any hurricane, and you can see it still standing after Katrina. On the other side of the interchange is now the Bellagio Hotel & Casino and the Hard Rock Casino, side by side right on the beach.  With a Liquor and Wine store, a Hair Salon and fine dining restaurant on the ground floor, a marque out front read:
"One BR Furn $400 a month,"

          I pulled in within seconds of reading that and parked right at the front door and within minutes after seeing it.  With one of my twenty-six alias, I rented a one bedroom furnished second story apartment with small balcony and floor to ceiling windows looking onto the always beautiful Gulf of Mexico and woke up to the sounds of jackhammers... Day and Night pounding pilings for the massive circular Exit jetting out over the water before circling back onto Highway 90 heading East and under Interstate 110.  No wonder it was so cheap!  
It got old real fast.... 

Bang!    Bang!    Bang!   

On and on....even with the sliding glass doors closed... Other than that, it was wonderful.  Forty-five minutes to the Florida State Line heading East and Bourbon Street in New Orleans forty-five minutes the other...
           ACCORDING TO THE INDICTMENT I had just defrauded bank number thirty-seven and still had almost forty to go....

'Lawyers can steal more money with a briefcase than a thousand men with guns and masks.
-Don Vito Corleone'

           MY MODUS OPERANDI was the same every time until I ran out of banks to rob.  Nearly all the newly defrauded federally insured banks did not even know they had been violated until days or even weeks later and by then they could not remember my face and the surveillance tape has copied over me.... Still, I would drive several hours up the interstate, swipe new accounts and checks off mailboxes in upscale neighborhoods, rent a motel room next to the interstate to stay fresh, figure out where all the banks are at, prepare all the checks and practice the signature a few times, get a good night sleep and spank their ass tomorrow.
          I KNEW FROM watching Man From U.N.C.L.E and Wild, Wild West when I was a kid the first rule of success is looking smart.  When you are rocking a nice suit and haircut and swinging a Rolex President people will get out of your way like you had a loaded gun in your hand...
          SECOND KEY to Success?  After the right suit and fresh haircut, facial, sun and exercise and eating right and a good nights sleep, you got to smell like money.... Marc Jacobs is my long-time favorite...

               THE LAST FEW DIGITS of your banking account identify which branch you opened the account in.  Like "09" is probably the one by your house.  I stay away from there.  There are a couple rules to this I found:  The first time I always go straight to the main branch downtown usually at noon when they are busy and unlikely to know a customer from out in the suburbs, and after she slides me the Benjamin's, I ask her for my Balance.  They never tell you, they print out a time stamp receipt, and hand write the amount and slide it to you..... I would never look at it and slide it into my small notebook I kept in my hand, like if you had to ask you couldn't afford it.  Although I defrauded seventy-five banks out of 2.5 million dollars in under two years from one end of this country to the other, I stayed the hell out of Texas....

Copyright 2014 by Mark Anthony Given
All Rights Reserved
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