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My Famous Felons by Mark

Anyone who either cannot lead the common life or is so self-sufficient as not to need to,
and therefore does not partake of society, is either a beast or a god. -Aristotle
            OFF THE TOP of my head, these are the famous, semi-famous and notorious inmates I met doing twelve years on a ten year federal sentence for bank fraud from 1986-1998.  When you violate your parole for smoking pot (twice) they take away your street time and that's how it takes twelve years to do a ten year sentence.  Hands down the most famous I wrote about recently in "The Three Don's," (link below) is Don Carlos Marcello the Mafia Boss of New Orleans and the entire Gulf Coast.  I kept him laughing his ass off and he kept me around.....
           Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Scarborough who was a complete fish out of water with us real criminals.  This man's crime was more about serendipitous stupidity than mens rea (criminal
intent).  He didn't mind us goofing on him so he was cool.  Like Carlos he was at the other end of the institution and I only seen him at chow if our units ate together.

          THE CREEPIEST BASTARD I ever met in jail is easily Richard Bailey,  the Brach Candy Heiress Murderer.  Someone I knew pointed him out to me in the chow hall one day at FCI Marriana, Florida where I was maxing out in 1997-1998.  He said he was in Mohawk Unit with him and he wanted to talk to me, presumably about his legal problems.  I knew who he was and that he was there and had just seen him with Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes, Just like Michael Dowd, See Cop on the Compound.  He may have been the one introduced us.  Mike was such blabbermouth and after I won his case and had read a hundred and twenty five volumes of United States Supreme Court decisions beginning with 1 L.Ed.2d 1 in 1956 thru 125 L.Ed.2d 1 (1972), See "One Rat at a Time," (link below) the very hay day of Criminal Rights jurisprudence, I literally had grown men standing in line to talk to me about their cases and offering me their first born son and all their current fortunes, to send them to the house... Just get them back in court...anything. 
           LIKE A DOCTOR hands you a tube of salve and make's it 
all go away, I could spout off the top of my head the Law of the Land.  First week I was at FCI Marriana it's hot all year in Florida and I'm ensconced at the law library middle of the afternoon, place is crowded and all the Inmate Law Clerks, there were four or five of them there all working on their own or others cases for money.  One of the top guys from Miami hollers out the half door with people in line to get a book or ask a question, "Hey Mark?" What's a case where the lawyer didn't file the right motions, you know?"  Right off the top of my head, "Kimmleman vs Morrison," 120 L.Ed2d something,' it's in the Index."  And I could do that with a dozen cases.  I told Michael to tell him to come to the Law library and wait in line like everybody else.  Meaning get a book and sit down until I am alone or interrupt me and I will tell you who is ahead of you... Believe me, 'In the Land of the Blind, The One-Eyed-Man is King!'.
           FORTUNATELY this slimy bastard, like alot of the people I met, gave me a easy out because they already had something in the courts pending.  usually direct appeals.  I do post conviction.  After you lost everything you ever filed, your lawyer has bled you and anyone who cares about you dry, that's where I come in to identify errors the attorney made or the court itself. See "One Wrong Word," or if you want to sue the Bureau of Prisons for medical treatment or excessive force whatever, often the county jail they were held in; I don't do any of that either. 

 Don Joseph Fama
 George Martorano
 Michael Dowd

 Richard Bailey, Brach Candy Heiress

11:42 AM 9/12/2014

Kimmelman v. Morrison, 477 U.S. 365 (1986).

Richard Bailey!/2012/09/cop-on-compound-by-mark-anthony-given.html!/2013/05/one-wrong-word-by-mark-anthony-given.html


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