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Nagin's Surrender by Mark Anthony Given


Conscience is the chamber of justice. -Origen

            WHEN THE ONCE HONORABLE 60th Mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana Ray Nagin self-surrenders to Receiving & Delivery at the federal correctional facility at FCI Texarkana, Texas on September 8, 2014, on or before noon, he will be treated much like another cog in the wheel to the East Texas prison staff and inmates alike.  I was in there for thirty-six months with Don Carlos Marcello, See "The Texarkana Dons", (link below), so I know.  After a few days of minor celebrity he will be found picking up cigarette butts in the parking lots like Gucci did after his own family ratted him out for tax evasion, or under the blazing hot Texas sun behind the south end of a north bound push mower cutting grass...

            BECAUSE RAY RAY doesn't have a prior criminal record his Self Surrender will automatically reduce his Security Level six points and his Custody Classification Score by three levels and absent him scamming custom bathroom accommodation's, he will be transferred to a Camp, or the one right outside the double fences as soon as "a bed is available."  Might be weeks, might be a year and a half and crying doesn't help and praying don't do no good.  This is the Government your dealing with where everything happens on Molasses Time..... Slow and slower.....
            THE ODDEST THING will be the transformation of a moth into a butterfly after he rubs shoulders with lawyers and doctors and boiler room telemarketers Medicaid scammer's the dark heart of Ray Ray's soul, after many of long sleepless nights of the entire world racing right by you that you never can quite touch, yet avarice is ever near.
           RAY NAGIN'S AVARICE viewed through the lens of hundreds of years at New Orleans City Hall, not to mention Tulane and Broad.... and even the modern wreckage of Louisiana Politicians sitting in federal prison, William Jefferson, Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Brown, Aaron Broussard "The Dragon Slayer," went out with his tail handed to him, indeed, over 400 public officials convicted of public corruption in the last decade according to the Justice Department, is almost juvenile:  Buck wild on Bourbon Street and bubbly at Gallator's on the City Dime?  Counter tops?  Really?  What happened to multi million dollar board appointments when you leave office or Million dollar kick backs for choosing the right Municipal Bond bankers? Free meals?  It's just embarrassing.
           NAGIN'S DEFENSE proffered the culture of New
Orleans 'Le bonne tempe rolle, and who served as master of ceremonies and on twenty-four-hour duty as an Ambassador for the City of New Orleans, provided a de facto license to steal...
           STANDING AT THE COUNTER of the Hyatt Regency the bellhop wants to know how he gets a waiver for a felony conviction to get a Cab License....Rolling fourteen deep on the gravy train, front and center mid morning tourist rush hour front dining room in front of the big bay windows commandeering brunch cost the City eighteen-hundred dollars an, the President of the Vieux Carre Commission stops by for less than a minute and publicly urges His Highness's support in the French Quarter Citizen's Patrol....
          Before he leaves a local businessman complains all the City Vehicles double parked out front are hurting his business.  It's all business, all the time.... What's a couple loads of stone counter tops?   "'Le labor tempe rolle!".

BOP Reg. # 01863-055

          DOING TIME in federal prison is the difference between The Hamilton Inn and Motel 6 compared to state prison time.  Just being whisked from an end of the country to the other alone was eye opening.  Call me stupid but when I went to prison at Twenty-nine I did not know what a Colombian looked like.  Had never known anyone from Honduras or Guatemalan or been around any Cubans.  I walked into a four or five stall men's bathroom in prison and I am against the opposite wall standing up pissing and I see this Cuban squatting down on the toilet seat.  I thought he was hiding or laying in wait for someone.  I found out later that that is the way some of them go to the bathroom.  The shiny white sparkling clean commode was completely foreign to him...
           FROM THE FOOD to the clothing, housing and even all the staff addressed you as "Mr. Given," as opposed to the state "Given."  Every place I was had soup and salad bars with fountain Coke, Barq's, Fanta and all the whole Milk you can drink, and yes even chocolate milk....all you want.... Fruit Loop dispenser blew my fucking mind!  Smoked Oyster's and fresh Garlic and Summer Sausage at the Commissary.  The Fed's figured out that by treating people decently they have a lot less push back.  When the Black's rioted in the 80's and 90's see, The Crack Riot Chronicles," about it below I wrote about, they were the only ones complaining....

          EVERY JOINT I been in the entire "Brass," "stands down," right when you walk in they stand with their back to the wall facing everyone eating. There "Open Door Policy," where you can walk up and talk to any department head or even the warden himself. Him and all his Captains on down but you don't want to be seen talking to them unless you are getting out real soon. It took me twelve years to do a ten-year sentence and by the end at FCI Marianna, Florida in 1998, I was eating in my cell because I could afford to and out of sight out of mind. See "Cop on the Compound", below.
           DEPENDING ON HOW CLEAN your Unit is determined by a Weekly Inspection, and the order your unit eats in.  The dirtiest Unit ate last.   .
           EVERY JOINT I been in I contact all the Department Heads via Inmate Request Form and respectfully inform them that the best administrative assistant with a college degree is available before I get assigned the night shift scrubbing pots and pans and kitchen tiles. Just like nearly every place I been I had the best job on the compound just because I can type.  I went to work four nights a week from seven pm to nine-thirty cleaning the Commissary....One hundred and twenty-five dollars a month and a store discount.
           WHEN I WAS AT FCI TEXARKANA from January 1987 to April 1990 I obtained a college degree from Texarkana Community College which had a vocational technical satellite school. FCI Texarkana FCI Satellite Camp where Nagin's going no such opportunity is available. I earned an Associate of Applied Science, 1300 hours AUTOCADD, 900 hours LANCADD, Practices, and Principles of Real Estate nine month course two nights a week. Nine months HVAC and nine months Auto AC. I told myself while in the county jail that if I learn something every day I am in here, I haven't lost this day.   'Crime doesn't pay, but Time does.  I read five-hundred pages of "War and Peace," by Leo Tolstoy before the US Marshals snatched me up and sent me to FCI Talladega for a week and then to USP El Reno, Oklahoma.  See "The Real Con Air," link below.  After completing all the courses I got out and obtained a Legal Administrative Assistant, Associate of Applied Science Degree while on parole at Phillips Junior College in Mobile, Alabama. 8:30 AM 9/12/2014

To be Continued.

See Also The Texarkana Dons **
10:21 AM 9/6/2014

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