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Boosting Christmas by Mark Anthony Given

_____________________________________ If Heaven had looked upon riches to be a valuable thing, it would not have given them to such a scoundrel. -Jonathan Swift ______________________________________             CHRISTMAS IS BOOSTER SUPERBOWL.  I was an experienced booster when I was ten years old and I have never been caught.  I began when I was ten or eleven years old; I was in this foster home and the only boy and twelve girls.  We went to the store in caravan en mass in like three vehicles.  They had given up trying to keep an eye on me and I had this down pat.       
           Soon as we got in the store I'd head for an exit and sprint to the far end of the mall to like JC Penny's or Sears.  When I got in there store I'd head for a department that wasn't open and grab two large paper shopping bags and mangle it until it looked like there was stuff in it and start shopping!!  I actually had a handwritten list where I went up and down the Ilse looking for swag...�…

Did I Ever Tell You by Mark Anthony Given

Anger cannot be dishonest. -Marcus Aurelius

DID I EVER TELL YOU I attacked five grown black men while in prison with my bare hands at the same time? I try and tell people soon after I meet them, I'm the nicest guy you ever want to meet and I always try and nearly always do the right thing, but don't piss me off. I got in an argument last summer with a few of my neighbors about a water hose; two of them have since moved and the third left immediately leaving all their property, and never came back. I got a bad temper.
            I BEGGED THESE idiots to stop slamming domino's and cards on these stainless steel tables bolted to concrete bare floors, cinder block walls was like an echo chamber. I was sitting in the Mobile Metro Jail waiting for the feds to come get me for a parole violation for a dirty UA for smoking pot. It takes about 60-90 days of the longest days of your life surrounded by barely literate criminals and mentally disturbed people. And id…

30 Page Rap Sheet Provenance by Mark Anthony Given

30 Page Rap Sheet Provenance, 1 page of Alias; 26 arrests from New York to California and every place in between.  I'm not real proud of all this, but I am not ashamed of it either....
__________________________________ Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. -Ralph Waldo Emerson _______________________________             AT SIXTEEN YEARS OLD I was charged with Aiding and Abetting Against the United States to overthrow the government.  I was just getting warmed up. 

     30 Page Rap Sheet Provenance,  1 page of Alias; 26 arrests from New York to California and every place in between.           Real Life Heist 26 stories blaze's a trail in American literature much like the life it documents.  No violence, no sex crimes and no serious drug offenses but 100% Real Life Heist.           Where Elmore Leonard meets James McElroy and not since the "Thomas Crown Affair" or the 1970's "Heist,"  Real Life Heist auth…