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HEISTTHEWORLD2020 THE VIDEO GAME by #markanthonygiven

The Real Life Heist
Video Game by Mark Anthony Given
Where Life and Death depends on You!
Coming April 27, 2014
To have once been a criminal is no disgrace. To remain a criminal is the disgrace. -Malcolm X
           Join The Real Life Heist where four superthiefs in MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON in the base of a mountain with T-1 High Speed (50 Mps) Internet connections  have 104 hours to complete a Real Life Heist.  Each of the Cyber Superthief's doing LWOP for hacking offense have 104 hours to attend "HEISTTHEWORLD2020," assemble teams to and either by them selves or their teams must design, create and form by a  3D  Printing, recreate one of four human organs:
           1. A Human Lung 2. A Human Liver 3. A Human Kidney and or a Human Heart and have it transported and successfully implanted in a waiting last ditch young patient, or she dies and back to your cell you go.....
           FEATURES THE REAL-TIME strategy game play components of building assembling a a base, training a Team and technology research   The game is about a Real Life Heist to save a person who has no there options Life.  RLH HTW2020 aims to deliver an innovative but familiar connective experience, focusing mostly on the technology aspect of real-time strategy, encompassing all known Sciences'   The game will pursue a sense of real time and historical accuracy without damaging game play.  It also aims for a high degree of replay ability by being easily movable and the formation of a large online community. The player will have to build a MOBILE COMMAND POST, following the rules of standard real-time strategy games, collecting resources and constructing INDIVIDUAL MISSIONS in a GROUP SETTING.  The game will include multiple units and buildings specific to each TASK OR mission as well as full real time Transportation challenges. (Multi player functionality is implemented using peer-to-peer networking without a central server.)

Copyright 2014 by Mark Anthony Given All Rights Resereved

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