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BEING CHASED BY THE COPS by Mark Anthony Given



Let me be clear about this. I don't have a drug problem. I have a police problem. -Keith Richards

        BEING CHASED BY THE COPS in a stolen car leaving a giant new car dealership on the outskirts of town was my first, but not my last, real life police chase and it was exhilarating, I must confess.... I was sixteen years old just broke out of Industry, The New York State School for Boy's I wrote about in "Circle Jerk City," and fell in with one of Rochester New York's most famous felons. I didn't know anything about Derick other than he had a Hollywood gorgeous wife, could draw near Frank Frazetta quality fantasy art and had a black Labrador retriever named "Spooky," who would after several joints made their appointed rounds post up right in front of you and stare into your eyes like he had something to tell you real bad...He had a certain reverence for him that no one questioned his leadership. Had a black shag haircut like everyone seemed to have in the early 70's before video cameras and alarms on every business.
              I LEARNED A VALUABLE lesson that night; never steal a car from a vehicle repair shop because we didn't get a mile down the road doing 100 miles an hour with half a dozen police cars screaming in the night behind us when the car quit running....
              I HAD NO IDEA Derrek was one of the Empire State's most infamous outlaws and at twenty years old had orchestrated and led one of Up State New York's most daring prison escapes worthy of the Big Screen when we started burglarizing new car dealerships in Henrietta and Greece, New York, the surrounding suburbs of Rochester, New York on June 3, and again September 3, of the summer of '73 the One Man Crime Wave began to stir.  This is what a real FBI RAP SHEET LOOKS like:  That's why it's called "Real Life heist,"
             COULDN'T HAVE BEEN easier, just took a lot of Balls.   9:15 PM any day of the week walk right up to a showroom door and a 12" Guerrilla Bar slide down my sleeve as I reach to unlock the door;  wedge the bar right where the lock is, just above or below and the big double door's opened easily.   Usually, have to reach down and unlock the second door and close them back together and walk right into the lit ted showroom floor to the offices.  Grab a Dolly and wheel the safe back to the welding tents in the repair shop and burn or peel it open.  It's a lot of work and we'd spend most of the night looting the business and trying to get into their safe.  I say trying because it was probably a 20% success rate after a lot of brute strength and determination.  10-12 Grand was average.  Inspection Sticker's were a hot item,   I was charged with ten or twelve counts but only did five or six, I don't know how many Derek did without me.  They love to clear their case load on me, I lost count but I do remember the very last home burglary I done and it was a complete and utter failure.   I used to get up and go rob houses like other people went to a real job except I thought I was Huckleberry Finn and James Bond;  it's a dangerous combination....

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