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Split Deposit an Original Screenplay by Mark Anthony Given




MARK is seen turning off of St. Claude Avenue onto a side street
Looking around for a particular address. The run down poor
neighborhood contrast with the usual upscale neighborhoods
previously seen. After four blocks he pulls up to a curb and is
seen getting out and looking around and then walks up and knocks on a door. After a moment the door opens and a young Coon Aas (Native South Louisiana Cajun) girl SONIA who is bent over wrapped in a sheet of her bed and otherwise nude. Bent over nearly to the door knob as she recognizes MARK her eyes go wide with excitement and screams:




BRUCE!!! BRUCE! Come here, MARK'S here!

BRUCE comes into the front room of the Shotgun apartment and sees MARK, stops in the door across the room:


Come in! Where you been? We were just talking about

you! What are you

doing here? Where have you been?


I have been doing my thing. You know I am a lone operator,

I don't need any codefendants...


Yeah, Brenda told me you were still in business. How

does that work? She never showed me any of that.


You were in Hunt when we got started. That's why I am here. I

am thinking about letting you in the car, see if you got the moves.


If you can do it, I can do it.


You going to let me call all the shots?


Let him go MARK, if we don't pay the rent this week, we are out

of here...


Let me think about it? Who got the 'Po Boy's? Go to the corner

and get us a Shrimp Po Boy and Barq's Root Beer will you SONIA?


Sonia? Don't go there. You know where to go.


I know. BRUCE! Look at the 'motherfucker! He's got a Rolex

on! MARK dressed to the Nines as usual allows them to ogle over his Rolex President and pulls out a wad of money and throws a $50 on the table, and follows BRUCE into the kitchen where they sit at the table while SONIA gets dressed.


When can we go? Where we going?


Hold the phone Cowboy. I wouldn't be here if I wasn't here to get you alright? But remember, I don't need you, ok? I'm doing this because I got plenty of money, I want to help you, and frankly I'm bored. But you got to listen to me, ok? This is as simple as it gets, ok? It is a simple banking transaction that occurs dozens of times a day in any bank, as long as you don't set off any alarms by acting nervous, it's a piece of cake.


BRUCE lights a joint and leans back in his chair, SONIA is heard saying she is leaving and the front door slams shut.


It is called a Split Deposit. When you deposit a check or a number of checks into your account but want some portion of the amount back? It is called a Split Deposit. People do it all the time. But here is the Rub, they don't check the Check, or Checks you are depositing, they check your balance, and if there is enough in there to cover the amount you want back, they give it to you. I generally deposit four or five checks at a time. In the Memo section of the Checks it says, "Rent Payment" or "House Payment," all made out in different inks, some typed out. It looks like I am doing a onetime monthly rental property income deposit.


What about ID?


What ID? You don't need ID to deposit money in your bank. If

they ask for ID you tell them you forgot it at your office. Ain't

there something you can check? They will go check the signature card. They are not handwriting experts; as long as the first letters of both names are close they will throw it at you. 99% of this is Brazen Balls! Stand there and act like you want your money without breaking a sweat. Can you do it?


If you can do it, I can do it. How much? How much can I make? the first day?


Well, you know me, I don’t make no sudden moves. I already got you a nice little town picked out, unmolested and virgin for the pickings....




I haven't decided but Gulf Port/ Biloxi or Mobile, Alabama.

Both, just two hours from here. I will pick you up tomorrow

morning at 4 Am, we will be there right after daylight, get a hotel room and get freshened up. We will do a half a dozen banks, you will make 2 or 3 grand and be back here for dark...


Where were you last? Did you have any problems?


Every town I roll into they all do the same....... roll over on their

back and start purring.....


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