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Split Deposit an Original Screenplay by Mark Anthony Given


MARK is seen turning off of St. Claude Avenue onto a side street Looking around for a particular address. The run down poor neighborhood contrast with the usual upscale neighborhoods previously seen. After four blocks he pulls up to a curb and is seen getting out and looking around and then walks up and knocks on a door. After a moment the door opens and a young Coon Aas (Native South Louisiana Cajun) girl SONIA who is bent over wrapped in a sheet of her bed and otherwise nude. Bent over nearly to the door knob as she recognizes MARK her eyes go wide with excitement and screams:


BRUCE!!! BRUCE! Come here, MARK'S here!
BRUCE comes into the front room of the Shotgun apartment and sees MARK, stops in the door across the room:
Come in! Where you been? We were just talking about
you! What are you
doing here? Where have you been?
I have been doing my thing. You know I am a lone operator,
I don't need any codefendants...
Yeah, Brend…

I’m Going to Turn A Toothpick Into a Lumber Yard by Mark Anthony Given


Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.
 -Seneca (5 BC – 65 AD)

HIS NAME WAS GEORGE KOSKO, out of Roanoke Virginia. A former private pilot for George Jones, professional golfer and nightclub owner and bookmaker. When I met him he was doing twenty years years for RICO and conspiracy to distribute couple hundred keys. He's the only guy I ever met who negotiated his surrender to the Chief Federal District Court Judge on the tarmac! He was sixty three and looked like he stepped off the page to Ralph Lauren add with complete white full hair and tanned like a walnut. Walked the track every day eating Oranges and calculating his return to the casino's where he had devised a betting system that beat any fast moving game, with a near fifty-percent chance of winning against a betting formula that required he win one of every three. Pure mathematics, and, virtually unstoppable. He ca…

The Stand Up Count by Mark Anthony Given

Be thine own palace, or the world's thy jail. -John Donne ___________________________

YOU WANT TO CHECK IN?Owe somebody money?Fixing to get your ass beat for any number of misgivings; for people who don’t know how to “Jail,” it’s easy to get your ass in a crack.If you had any Balls you’d swing on someone in front of the cops (guards), but the surest way to go straight to the Hole, or the “SHU,” the Fed’s call it, is to interrupt the “STAND UP COUNT,” AT 3:50 pm everyday of the year, nationwide.That second Shift doesn’t go home until the Count is capitulated, and just like you at the end of a days’ work…..they want to go home. “Excuse me Officer?Do you know what’s for supper to night?”Straight to the Hole. “Excuse me Officer, What’s your wife’s favorite color?”Straight to the Hole with an ass whooping… ACTUALLY WHAT HAPPENS he will stop and look at you like you must be retarded or “Checking In,” and will pause just long enough to glance up at your Cell Number…