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The Dope Feign Shuffle by Mark Anthony Given

A truth that's told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.― William Blake

YOU KNOW THERE IS NO PLACE TO HIDE in the French Quarter, right? Unless you have a door key or run in a public building, your next bad move is under a vehicle parked bumper to bumper along nearly every street. I got in a foot chase, well they were doing the chasing, but I outran two New Orleans’s detectives one Monday morning. I had just walked out of my apartment with a small travel bag and the little ordinary mid-size Ford Taurus from Snappy Car Rental out in New Orleans East was almost to the end of the street. I saw them but didn’t see them until I heard,

“Excuse me, sir. New Orleans Police we need to talk to you.” 

I had just placed the bag in the back seat and still on the sidewalk, I turned around and closed the door and took off my shades as I faced them. I could not pick either out of them out of a line up because I just remember their shoes. I heard a New York detec…

One Man, One Case, One Real Life Heist: United States v. Mark Anthony Given

A truth that's told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.― William Blake, Auguries of Innocence

__________________________ I GOT SENTENCED to five years confinement in the United States Bureau Prisons to be followed by five years of Supervised Probation for violation of 18 USC 3536 Bank Fraud. I plead to two counts, and four counts were dismissed as part of a plea agreement, but the cantankerous old judge ordered restitution on all six counts. When I walked out of the courtroom, I told the dumpster attorney that,

“He can't-do that, order restitution to counts dismissed.” 

I don’t know how I knew that, but I did. “I know,” the hapless lawyer said, “But if I go tell him that he's liable to give you the Max on both counts.”He was probably right.       Took me two hours to find Hughey v. United States, 495 U. S. 411 (1990), just Shepadizeing the Statute. Dude was caught with 84 different credit cards and five different identification, and they did the same thing to hi…

Split Deposit: Doing Time by Mark Anthony Given

Split deposits are a major source of teller errors and potential fraud in customer statements. -Barron's Banking Dictionary

Believe me; you haven’t partied until you have eaten Ramien Noodle out of a Mop Bucket! ___________________________
I DID TEN YEARS in federal prison for bank fraud in the late 1980's,after my girlfriend in New Orleans, who was a former bank teller, got me involved in a brilliant "Spilt Deposit' scheme. The government said I defrauding some seventy-five banks out of a couple million dollars with a 19 cent Bic pen, and a set of balls of steel. A “Split-Deposit” in banking terms is where individual deposits bank checks into an existing account and want some portion of the total amount back in cash.  One of the most common of bank transactions I turned into my personal ATM from one end of this country to the other.  I've written about it over and over here on this blog; this is about what happened after the party was over and the Piper had to be pa…