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Another Hot Grand by Mark Anthony Given

 ___________________________________ Experience made Art, but inexperience made Luck. -Aristotle

Split Deposit:Deposit where the customer presenting an endorsed check receives part of the amount being deposited in cash. Split deposits are a major source of teller errors and potential fraud in customer statements. -Barron's Banking Dictionary                                                         ________________________________

STANDING IN LINE AT THE BANK in a little strip mall along Highway Ninety in Biloxi, Mississippi, this was probably the fiftieth bank I robbed and I got too comfortable. I used the same bank account I had swiped off a mailbox right next to the front door of an old historic home, in a wealthy part of Gulfport. I had already called the bank to verify a one thousand dollar check, pretending to be a local merchant so I knew there was that much in there.  Monday morning at eleven forty, I strolled into the Main Branch of the Hancock…