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Next Year We Shoot Six More and Take The Whole Week Off! MLK Day in a Super Max Prison by Mark Anthony Given

___________________________________________ I broke a mirror in my house and I am supposed to have five years bad luck.  My lawyer say's he can get me five. -Steven Wright ______________________________________
I WAS IN THE United States Federal Penitentiary at Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, in the late 80’s, when one of the worst prison riots I ever been in broke out in the auditorium on Martin Luther King Day during a Talent Show. The tension was so high in their all my sense and bells and whistles were going in overdrive, the moment we were ushered into the overcrowded auditorium.I am not crazy about being around a bunch of people period, and I shouldn’t have even been there but my celli was the bass player in a rock band, and I promised him I’d show up. What a mistake. I didn’t make back to my cell for nearly a month.
DURING AN INTERMISSION or between acts, people were going up to the open mike sitting on a stool in the middle of the stage waiting for the next act. First, the Native…